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The Problem

Almost 98% of kids go to google for sexual information.  Kids are even going to their friends before health teachers and parents, tied for third, when it comes to getting information about sex.


Aside from pornography, movies are second as a source before a real human. With the crisis of disconnection we are facing in our world today thousands of false messages are shared daily about sex and relationships mainly by screens.


Parents, if you want to become their kids source for information about sex you will need to compete with the false messages about sex and relationships.  This means you'll need to have more than one "sex talk".


This isn't to say that parents need to be having thousands of conversations with their children about sex each day but parents need to STOP HIDING and HAVE CONVERSATIONS.


These conversations need to be ones that stick with their children so that each time a false message is seen the child can combat it with a truth.  We call these moments where someone chooses to think about truths of  healthy sex, instead of illusions of intimacy, VICTORIES! 

1. Pornography has become the primary sexual educator.

Understanding Exposure, Access, Content, the Sexual Effects can help you understand the issue of pornography and overcome it yourself and help those you love do the same.

1. primary sexual educator

Talk early and often about sex to your children.  Keeping lines of communication open from and early age, along with the help of a few other strategies will ensure that you become your child's source of sexual information.

Learn what the Physical, Emotional, and Social consequences are when learning about sex from pornography.

Who Hides, How Hiding Effects Use, How To Heal, and How To "Prevent" Use are some of the topics we address to help people understand why hiding is so destructive and what to do instead.

2. hiding
Basics About Addiction and Treatment You Need to Know

Pornography Perversions, CERT: Defining Healthy Sex, RESSIP: Evaluating Healthy Relationships. 

What to teach at each age and stage. From infant & toddler to young adult, you can stop hiding from your kids and talk about sex, relationships, and pornography.  No matter how much or how little you have talked to your kids about sex, our outlines and guides can make it easy to get started today. They even help you play catch up or address things you may have missed.  Also learn how to set up a monitoring system.

3. Disconnection has become comfortable as the norm.

Growing your emotional vocabulary you allow others to better connect with you.  In a world where we are so disconnected this is just one fo many ways you can connect more deeply with others. 

3. disconnection

You change your view of sex by shifting your thoughts about others from objectifying, this is disconnection since objects cannot reject you, to connection based thoughts.  As you make this shift the appeal of pornography goes away and your desire for real human connection will thrive.  

Increase Your Intimacy With Those in Your Life

Intimacy is not just physical.  Learn how all intimacy (recreational, emotional, sexual, social, intellectual, and physical) creates greater connection and build off of each other. When you strengthen one type of intimacy you strengthen them all.


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