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The Solution
Coping Skills
Moment Coping Skills
Structured Coping Skills 

Structured coping skills are more important than moment coping skills.  

Moment coping skills can remove us from the intensity of the moment enough to get through it.  But that state (thoughts, feelings, etc.) haven't really been dealt with.  

Structured coping skills help us process and work through what is going on in our life, improving our state (feelings, thoughts etc.). 

Once we improve our state, we decrease our vulnerability to pornography. 
Change Your View of Sex

Your perception becomes your reality.  As you begin to see sex as a way to deeply connect the appeal of pornography will go away.  

Unless you want to be fighting pornography for the rest of your life, this mental change is a must. 

Pornography can be overcome.  And yes, it is as simple as changing you thinking.  It is a process and it takes work but it can be done.  

We have created a framework to follow to make this process measurable.  When you can track your progress there is much more motivation to continue with small changes. 


This is where we spend most of our time in our programs. We work with individuals to change their thinking about sex to improve relationships and remove the appeal of pornography.  

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Last Steps in the Process

Boundaries like internet filters, and limited phone access, decrease our time spent in a state vulnerability.

Individuals should own their boundaries.  A boundary is just another chance to turn your vulnerability around. 

Boundaries are a temporary fix that give us space from pornography.

If reliance on boundaries alone becomes the way we fight pornography it won't work long term.

Creating boundaries can support long term change after first Developing Coping Skills and Changing Your View.

Emotional Coping Skills:

The emotional reliance on pornography is a little more difficult to change.It involves a life shift.  To do this you can become more connected to those around you.  This connection comes with emotional growth.Check out the chart we use here to practice expanding your emotional vocabulary, just one step in your emotional growth. 
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