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Bishopric Training
As we work with Latter-day Saints in our programs we often work closely with their bishops to keep them informed on their progress and what things we are working on.  

These videos were created with the intention to help bishops have a little more education on this intense topic as they work with people who struggle with pornography use.  

The videos below will be most helpful if you watch them in order.  

This first video talks about the lies that pornography teaches and how pornography has changed to appeal to a younger audience.  

Video addresses; how pornography has changed (access points, first exposure, novelty), process of a use then and now, and how to stop watching pornography. 


It is important that someones "addiction" does not define who they are.  When we put these labels on someone it is hard for them not to be consumed by their failures and their feelings of failure, especially when they relapse with another use.  Healing happens when we acknowledge actions and more forward without shaming, guilting, or labeling.  

As we prompts openness by talk of hope and healing, particularly through the saviors atonement, the hiding and shame fades allowing true healing to happen.


The opportunity to use light to teach is so powerful. Encourage those who struggle as children of God, not as pornography addicts.  They are more than their struggle and separating them from that can help move along the healing process.   


This video talks about how people can overcome pornography by changing their thinking.  

Video addresses; avoidance, vs. intentional thought shift, battling use vs. chosen thoughts about connection.

Note: (clarification about phrases in the video)

Pre- objectified picture: a picture (or any media really) that comes to someone pre packaged for them to have objectifying thoughts about.  Example: a girl in very little clothing, suggestive pose, etc. 

parent launch become your childs source.jpg

Some fear tactics may work temporarily. But long term change comes when we replace fear with faith and become more.  

As we change our mindset from avoidance and fear about pornography to God-like view of sex, our progression towards becoming is exponential.  

This video talks about how people get to a use as well as three aspects of change that can help them in their work towards fighting the appeal of pornography. When we know how someone gets to a use we can understand how best to help them.    

Video addresses; developing coping skills, working on mental changes, and creating boundaries.  

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This video emphasizes that we need to stop focusing so much on the don't and strive for a high view.  

Failure is part of God's plan.  It is less about the location someone is in and more about about the direction they are headed.  

Video addresses; evaluating parental and individual don't do the don'ts vs. sex in God's way. 

Our times of vulnerability decrease when we are feeling connected.  ​When we feel connected pornography is less and less appealing.  

Thank you for taking the time to watch this content and help those you serve.  
Don't hesitate to email any questions you may have.  

So what now?
  • Set up a training for your ward council
  • Schedule a Youth or Parent fireside
  • Request a sample outline for a fireside
  • Set up a Free meeting to answer questions
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