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How to Talk to Your Kids 

A Childs best source for information about sex is their parents, but parents sometimes struggle to start the conversation.  The Parent Program helps parents open channels of communication with their kids, making it easier to talk about physical intimacy, sex, and pornography. 

Where are you at in this journey?

Have you had "the talk" with your child? One talk from parents or 100 a day from media.  Odds like that don't win this battle.  

Image by Alexander Dummer

Start your journey of teaching.

Start Early

How to talk to your toddlers and early years.  Obviously the earlier parents start talking to their kids about their bodies and relationships the easier it will be to have tougher conversations later on.  Learn some of the basic principles for what and how to share and teach sexual information to children ages 2-12.

Play Catch-up

Starting early is best but starting late is better than never talking about it.  These are tough conversations to have with pre-teens and teenagers but this is their most vulnerable time.  Learn how to start tough conversations and create an open relationship of communication to help guide your teens to having healthy, connection based relationships of their own. 

Protect Your Home

Learn how to protect your family from pornography and illusions of intimacy.  At a time when society and media is portraying pornography as normal it have never been more important to understand the dangers and how to combat them.  

"This course has changed the way that I talk to my children about sexuality. I have been way more open and confident with my children. They have responded in new positive ways as we have been more open!"

-Course Participant

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