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Removing the appeal of pornography can seem like an impossible task, but with a few key principles to follow you can free your life from a cycle of disconnection and fake intimacy that pornography provides.



Our program was born out of a treatment center that was looking for more to add in the way of programs to help their students progress when it comes to relationships with others, including therapists, parents, staff, and more.  


After a third party study found significant improvements  with students  taking the course it soon became a requirements for all students regardless of previous history.  

Set up a program at your center with a consultation meeting about how we can help add to your existing programs. 


From immediate family to extended family we have met with hundreds of groups talking about what improving their view of sex.  

We have met at our office location, at families homes, and even third party locations.

We do offer a Christian (Latter-Day Saint) take on a healthy view of sex upon request.  


Hundreds of Parents have taken our Parenting workshop to improve their knowledge about the dangers of pornography and what is out there now.  

Parents walk away with knowledge.  to help themselves, principles to teach their children, and hope that healing can come when open conversations about sex allow for growth and connection. 

Individual & Couple

Individuals and couples find help and guidance through our one on one sessions tailored to specific needs and situations.  

Within 12-24 weeks we help individuals evaluate their view of sex, learn what real intimacy can be, and heal from disconnection and shame that follow pornography use or injured relationships.  

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Remove the Appeal

Ending the cycle of disconnection and getting rid of the drive and desire to view pornography can be a reality for you or your loved one. By following a few key principles you can work towards true connection with all those around you.  Stepping away from shame, loneliness and isolation that follows pornography use allows you to cultivate a healthy view of sex and makes way for true intimacy.

Homework Help
Teach Your Kids

Allowing someone else to dictate what information your child has about sex can lead to some major heartache for parents.  Learn how to teach your kids about sex from infancy to adulthood and give them the best change at connections with others. 

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Increase Intimacy

Improving your view of sex to create more fulfilling intimacy in your relationship is just the beginning.  Once you have learned how to truly connect with someone, at the deepest level, your relationships will thrive and become your life's greatest joy.

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Hi! I'm Brigham, a certified sex and pornography addiction counselor.  

Everyday I help people overcome the appeal of pornography by developing coping skills, changing their thinking, and creating boundaries. 

I also want to reach those who are seeking prevention.  I hold workshops and classes with the goal of educating parents and equipping them with strategies and resources allowing them to be successful in teaching their kids about healthy sex and the dangers of pornography. 


Click here to register for our next parent workshop.


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Certified Sex and Pornography Addiction Counselor

True Connections
Pornography Recovery

2975 W Executive Parkway

Suite 268
Lehi, UT 84043

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