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  Treatment  Centers    

Our Treatment programs have been taught and tailored to specific needs of treatment centers for the last 5 years.  Amazing progress has been made with individuals from all walks of life. It seems no matter what the reason for entrance into a center there is a need for individuals to improve their relationships and interactions with people. This is at the core of our program and pornography is just one avenue that is addressed as nearly all students have encountered and struggled with pornography use.  This use changes the way they see the world and thus changes the way they interact and treat their relationships no matter the degree of intimacy.  

Services We Provide:


Audiovisual Conference

Establishing Longterm Support

Students will not be in treatment forever, their parents must be able to provide support once their child returns home. Our presentation energizes and educates parents on this issue.

Adult Students

Educate & Evaluate

Our 12 week flagship course is designed to help students evaluate their own view of sex, learn the consequences of pornography, and learn tools to develop healthy relationships

Smiling Teenage Boy

Overcome & Change

Our reboot program is for individuals who have already completed the Developing Healthy Relationships Course. This is a one on one program helping kids change their view of others. We work extensively to see others as people not objects. This translates into a new view of relationships and sex.

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