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Is Hiding Pornography Use, Fueling Your Addiction?

Updated: Apr 15, 2020

Addiction usually comes because of a lack of connection. As we hide from talking about pornography we fuel our addiction to it. In order to really heal from these addictions we must develop true connections with other people. Have conversations and find support in your struggles.

The desire to hide comes when mistakes are made and shame creeps in. Shame feeds the other thought of unworthiness and being undeserving of connection. Self isolation soon follows these negative emotions and thoughts which perpetuates the hiding. Pornography is one of the ways our society copes with the crisis of disconnection. This is a crisis everyone is facing. When healthy interactions and bonds with someONE are absent, artificial interactions and bonds are made with someTHING to ease feelings and fears of disconnection. Getting away from a 'drug of choice' and forming healthy bonds can rid lives of the illusions of connection so prevalent in society. Replace shame with courage. Don't hide. 

Ways People Hide:

  • Ignoring the statistics we hear thinking we are above the issue. Thinking "My kid/partner would never have this problem".

  • Accepting the dehumanization of society as the norm.

  • Thinking "I can quit on my own, I don't need help".

Pornography thrives in the dark, it needs secrecy to survive. Hiding from pornography is not just a users issue. Parents and spouses hide too. Pornography must be talked about and faced. When pornography is brought into the open it becomes manageable and healing happens. Be open about struggles with pornography or feelings of disconnection. Reach out and allow others to see what is the real.

Everyone is worthy of connection.

There are amazing opportunities to connect with others. Instead of isolating someone who struggles, reach out and connect with them, help them see they are worthy of connection. We all know individuals who struggle, or have struggled with pornography. Connect to protect.

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