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Consequences of Pornography Use

Statistics show what effect viewing pornography has on the ability to participate in physical intimacy.


  • A Canadian study in 2014 found 53.5 % of males 16 to 21-year-old had sexual issues, including ED and low sexual desire.


  • A Swiss study in 2012 found that 30 % of males 18 to 25-year-olds had ED.


  • A GQ article referenced a study, among 27-31 year olds watching porn:

19% suffer from premature ejaculation

25% are disinterested in sex with their partner

31% have difficulty reaching orgasm

34% experience erectile disfunction (PIED).


As you can imagine this GQ article created quite the stir.


The author was interviewed about it in early 2015 and said the recent statistics are about 10% higher.


After committing to quit watching porn about 60% had improvement in their sex life.


These physical changes are a product of what is going on with our mental state.


Pornography has changed how we think about sex and what we think sex is.

Pornography use is motivated by physical sensations and emotions.


Watch the "addiction vs. Connection" video. 


The opposite of addiction is connection.


When there is disconnection with others pornography becomes a convenient coping skill.


Instead of feelings of connection, only more isolation follows pornography use.


To avoid feeling rejected, it is easier to turn to a device that is accepting.


Fear of rejection feeds shame and encourages isolation.  




Without real life true connection the cycle of disconnection, use, and shame trap people in a cycle of pornography use.  


After the high of pornography wears off, shame and disconnection thrive.


When pornography is used to deal with life this is addiction.

shame cycle-4.jpg

If someone learned about relationships and sex through pornography they have a very skewed idea of what healthy physical intimacy is really like.


Pornography becomes their reality.


They go into a relationship with that reality.


The physical intimancy in that relationship is at risk.  


Depending on their level of exposure to pornography,  users will expect the kind of sex they see in porn.  


This means that they do the kinds of things they see in porn.  


For example, "No" doesn't really mean "Stop" in pornography.

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