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Hiding is not Healing
Who Hides:

Hiding from pornography is not just an individual issue or a male issue as it is often thought of. Numbers for female use are higher than ever and right behind male uses.  Parents and partners can hide too.


How Hiding Effects Use:

Pornography thrives in the dark, it needs secrecy to survive. Hiding from pornography is not just a users issue. Parents and partners hide too.


How To Heal:

Healthy sex must be talked about.  Pornography must be chased out by something good. When pornography is brought into the open it becomes manageable and healing happens.  Be open about struggles with pornography or feelings of disconnection. Reach out and allow others to see what is real.


How To "Prevent" Use:

You will not be able to prevent use. Pornography in some form will find nearly all people, and  this includes children. Understanding this might help parents feel more patience for they children who will likely struggle.  Talk to your kids openly about sensitive topics in casual ways so that they will come to you for information not google or their friends.  Start this early and you can become their source of information about sexual intimacy instead of pornography.


There are amazing opportunities to connect with others.  Instead of isolating someone who struggles, reach out and connect with them, help them see they are worthy of connection. We all know individuals who struggle, or have struggled AND NEED CONNECTION.

So how are YOU hiding?
Individuals who struggle:
  • Clearing internet histories

  • Secret devices or emails

  • Staying up late in the evenings

  • Using at work

  • Hiding emotions & thoughts

  • Incognito & private browsing

Partners & Loved Ones:
  • Catastrophizing instead of asking.

  • Being emotionally open though it may hurt the loved one.

  • Suppressing the desire for intimacy.

  • Avoid talking about sex and pornography with  children, or just having “the talk” thinking that responsibilities is fulfilled.

  • Sheltering children, keeping them from struggling, but not teaching how to choose healthy sexuality.

  • Remaining in a state of discomfort about sex instead of trying to gain a healthier view of sex.

So what can you do?

Our program was born out of a treatment center that was looking for more to add in the way of programs to help their students progress when it comes to relationships with others, including therapists, parents, staff, and more.  


After a third party study found significant improvements  with students  taking the course it soon became a requirements for all students regardless of pervious history.  

Set up a program at your center with a consultation meeting about how we can help add to your existing programs. 


From immediate family to extended family we have met with hundreds of groups talking about what improving their view of sex.  

We have met at our office location, at families homes, and even third party locations.

We do offer a Christian (Latter-Day Saint) take on a healthy view of sex upon request.  


Hundreds of Parents have taken our Parenting workshop to improve their knowledge about the dangers of pornography and what is out there now.  

Parents walk away with knowledge.  to help themselves, principles to teach their children, and hope that healing can come when open conversations about sex allow for growth and connection. 

Individual & Couple

Individuals and couples find help and guidance through our one on one sessions tailored to specific needs and situations.  

Within 12-24 weeks we help individuals evaluate their view of sex, learn what real intimacy can be, and heal from disconnection and shame that follow pornography use or injured relationships.  

Set up a Free Consultation
Contact us to schedule a time that works for you!
Start talking openly and honestly about sex, relationships, and pornography with your loved ones today.  As we connect with others through opening up about these topics, help can be found.  There is safety in communication.  No matter what has happened healing can happen too. 
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