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As your child learns and understands more childhood is a prime time to establish your role as an expert an becoming their source of information. Especially sexual information. It is also and important time to get ready for your child first exposure to pornography which happens at a national average of age 9. 

Main Goals:

1. Teach For Scientific Learning.

2. Become their Source.

3. Prepare for First Exposure.

Become Their Source

Have casual conversations and formal conversations. These can be everyday situations or formal/ planned conversations. These talks should be focused initially on scientific information on how their body works. Since sex is not erotic for small children, all parents really need to do with younger kids is teach the mechanics of sex. As they get older you can start to teach about other consequences of sex. 

Mother and Son
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You know your child so you have a good idea of what information they are ready for.  If you need a little extra guidance the 'What & When' guide will be a helpful resource.


It is not enough to just have "The Talk".  Your child is being educated about sex hundreds of times a day by the media, friends, and even other adults.  One conversation is not going to be enough for them to have a realistic, healthy view of sex. Perpetuate future open conversations and make it easy to have a open, "no questions is a bad question" relationship.

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