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 Open Conversations 
4 Steps
to Perpetuate Future Open Conversations

1. BE COMFORTABLE with your own view of sex and that comfort and openness will transfer to them.

If you are not comfortable work with your partner to change your view of sex.

2. Make your conversations INTERACTIVE. When you are teaching the Basic Anatomy use diagrams and pictures to help them visualize what you are teaching them.  They are in a concrete learning mindset.  At this age they are trying to determine what reality looks like and how that is different from their imagination.  If you given them picture and diagrams to look at they will have a very clear idea of what you are teaching rather than trying to follow what you are saying without visuals.

3. FOLLOW UP  with them. These follow-ups can be opportunities for you to learn how you child is applying what they have learned.  That requires you to let them share.  These conversations go well when parents ask "Tell me more" questions.These are questions that invite your child to give you more information.  Children are often testing the waters to see how a parent will react or to see what you will talk about with them.  Keep this in mind and respond instead of react. Remember your goal is to become their source so you want the coming to you with questions.  Try not to discourage their curiosity by giving a vague, emotion driven answer. This will not discourage their curiosity it will just make them go somewhere else to get the information they are looking for.

4.  SAFE ENVIRONMENT.  Make sure these conversations happen in a private.  You want them to be as comfortable as possible and willing to talk about things so a family room, bedroom, or a private car ride are good places to open up discussions where children feel like they can share.

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