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         This REBOOT & RISE program was created with member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in mind.*  It applies to anyone who is searching for a more God-like view of sex and relationships.  It guides individuals to true connection by teaching principles healthy realistic views of physical intimacy and sex, and how to come out of hiding and disconnection as well as outlining principles found in scripture and latter day revelation about how God views sex.  Talking openly about pornography, intimacy, and God's view of sex can elevate your relationships with a partner or spouse and create a foundation for amazing possibilities of care and connection. This one on one program is a spring board to changing your views of others and self, working extensively to see individuals as people to be connected with not objects to be used, and striving to become more like God by viewing sex the way God does.

Two Aspects of this Program

                          REBOOT:                                                                 RISE: 
                      Change Your View Of Sex                                                   Overcome Desires to Hide
                                                                                                                  by Learning to Truly Connect


       Pornography is changing the way we view sex and                            When an individual has a healthy view of relationships and

                relationships. We learn about this in the                                    sexual intimacy, pornography is recognized as the illusion of

               Developing Healthy Relationships Course.                                    intimacy that it is. As people overcome their negative views

       The REBOOT Program is a one on one program that.                        and align more with God's view they find courage and desire

      continues this learning and helps individuals to change.                        to develop true connections with those around them.  

    their view of sex and align it more with God's view of sex.

This version of the REBOOT & RISE program will outline some study topics and resources to find out more information about what God's view of sex is to help you understand how to shape your view into His.  
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